High Schools

High schools can look forward to a variety of exciting events, including After Proms, Awards Banquets, and Lock-Ins, as well as fundraising performances for bands, sports boosters, and senior trips. Dusty’s show is an integral part of these events, beginning well before the actual show with promotional material and email outreach to generate excitement.

On the day or night of the show, Dusty will be in attendance, introducing himself to the audience, performing close-up magic or mentalism, and building anticipation for the hypnotic entertainment to come. Once on stage, he will explain hypnosis and its boundaries, b

efore inviting volunteers to take part in suggestibility tests and selecting the most motivated participants for the main event.

Throughout the show, Dusty ensures that the safety of all volunteers is of utmost importance. The hypnotic induction process is natural, safe, and relaxing, leading to a series of unexplainable and memorable experiences for the volunteers. Examples include muscular students unable to lift a hammer, petite students raising it with ease, and group trips to beautiful beaches and encounters with movie stars. The show is interactive, fast-paced, and guaranteed to be a hit with today’s audiences, making it an unforgettable addition to any high school event. Students are even encouraged to capture the fun on their cameras!