Dusty Satterlee's stage performance is a combination of world-class Mentalism and hypnosis, all delivered with a tasteful and elegant touch. As a trusted and professional entertainer, he not only creates unforgettable memories for his clients but also produces powerful results, considering them as his friends. Dusty's passion for mentalism and hypnosis began in 2008 and has evolved over the last 15 years, particularly after being introduced to stage hypnosis. He has since become an elite mentalist and hypnotist. With guidance from veteran international stage hypnotist Michael C Anthony, Dusty has continued to hone his skills as a member of Stage Hypnosis University. Dusty has also studied under Mike Mandell and the prestigious Mike Mandell Hypnosis Academy.



6 July 2023

They did an amazing job!! He was prompt and all of our students and volunteers at Edinburg High School's Post Prom really enjoyed him and his helper!!