Looking to add some fun and excitement to your corporate event or special occasion? Look no further than the Dusty Satterlee’s show! With interactive group activities, non-offensive humor, and amazing hypnotic illusions, your guests will become the stars of the evening.

Dusty will start off by introducing himself and performing some close-up magic or mentalism while waiting outside the venue. Once on stage, he’ll engage the entire audience with fun demonstrations of the power of imagination, giving a brief explanation of hypnosis and what it isn’t. He can even tailor his presentation to your event’s theme, whether it’s teambuilding or boosting confidence in your sales force.

When it’s time to call for volunteers, Dusty will make sure everyone feels comfortable and not judged by their peers or supervisors. He’ll do several entertaining suggestibility tests and select the most motivated volunteers to take part in the show. Safety is always a top priority, so rest assured that all volunteers will be guided through a natural, safe, and relaxing hypnotic induction.

From there, the volunteers will experience a variety of unexplainable and unforgettable illusions, from becoming movie stars, superheroes, and world-class performers. Dusty will keep everyone laughing, applauding, and encouraging their friends on stage.

With interactive group and individual activities, clean and non-offensive content, and plenty of hilarity, the Dusty Satterlee show is sure to make your event a memorable success. Don’t settle for boring or average – choose the Get Zoned Show for a safe, fast-paced, and entertaining show that will have your guests talking about it for years to come.