On the day or night of your event, Dusty will be outside the venue, engaging the crowd, introducing himself, performing close-up magic or mentalism, and building excitement before he even takes the stage.

Once on stage, Dusty will captivate the entire audience with incredible demonstrations of the power of imagination. He will provide a brief introduction and explanation of hypnosis before calling for volunteers to participate in entertaining and fun suggestibility tests.

The safety of all volunteers is of utmost importance, and only the most motivated participants will be selected to continue with the hypnotic induction process. Once guided into a natural, safe, and relaxing hypnotic state, the volunteers will experience inexplicable events such as muscular students unable to lift a hammer while petite students raise it with ease, or a group taking a fun-filled trip to beautiful beaches and meeting movie stars.

Throughout the show, Dusty aims to keep the audience loud, laughing, applauding, and encouraging their friends on stage. The show is interactive, fast-paced, and perfect for today’s audiences, and Dusty guarantees that your event will be an unforgettable success. He even encourages students to capture the fun on their cameras because the Get Zoned Show is anything but boring or average!