Fun-draising! Make $5,000 to $20,000 in ONE night!

Comedy Hypnotist and Mentalist, Dusty Satterlee’s Fundraising programs are a great way to raise money for your club, charity, school, or organization!

If you are looking for an easy fundraiser, Dusty uses a unique fundraising model that is guaranteed to make money for your school, sport, club, activity or event. There is no upfront cost for you, no keeping up with candy or coupon sales, and you decide how much money you want to make.  

We schedule a family-friendly performance.  Check out the video to see what parents say about the show!   Your students sell tickets (the number of tickets is based on your fundraising goals) to the performance, and you receive a check! It’s that simple. We take care of all of the administrative tasks – you don’t have to distribute tickets or count money, we will do it all for you. We also supply you with promotional materials and online accounting of all of the tickets sold. 


Dusty is a Comedy Hypnotist and Motivational Speaker who is excited to share his performances with you and your communities. In addition to the fundraising, Dusty can offer your school the following:

  • Fun, safe, hilarious stage comedy hypnosis shows for:

    • Assemblies
    • After-Prom / Post-Prom events
    • Graduation Nights
    • Other festive events
  • Motivational speaking with a positive message to students on topics such as:

    • Test Anxiety
    • Sports Performance
    • Anti-Bullying
    • Empowerment
    • Accessing the power of the subconscious mind / using the full brain capacity
    • Dusty can include this service for no charge when you book him for your fundraiser(s)
  • Teaching Teachers – In-Services for your staff:

    • Learn how to help your students reduce stress and anxiety
    • Use the power of the mind to increase student success

 Dusty has a lot of experience working in schools, both as a performer and as tech support. He gets along wonderfully and naturally with students, and can relate well with teachers.

Please explore the rest of our site and view video clips of Dusty’s hilarious hypnosis shows, testimonials, and contact & booking information.

After distributing flyers provided by Dusty’s team, selling tickets was a breeze, and the night sold out. The ease of ticketing was so much better than the traditional selling, and the monies were collected and held for distribution. Dusty’s team went above and beyond with an email push to all their membership  and a television and radio appearance that drew even more sales. The show was hilarious and appropriate for all ages, and they hit there goal. Dusty himself emceed their awards banquet and gave a keynote speech on success, motivation, and having and maintaining the proper mindset.

The Dusty Satterlee, and his support team were there for them and gave them the opportunity to not just get by with their financial needs but to exceed them. The show was entirely different and off the hook hilarious, so book his show immediately after – you will want him back!